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3 cloud business solutions Canada
that your business needs NOW! 

3 cloud business solutions Canada that your business needs NOW!

Cloud business solutions Canada are increasingly gaining ground against traditional methods of local storage of information,

or business management by hand or in spreadsheets. In recent years, IT manufacturers have been betting on cloud solutions for the benefits it offers both customers and developers themselves to create new and better implementations.

Today, cloud business solutions Canada are within everyone’s reach and, at a business level, taking advantage of them is a “must”: email, management platforms, image storage, are some cloud technologies that we use on a daily basis, but there are others that if you don’t know yet, we recommend you try: 

Cloud Document Management

Canadian companies are working with an increasing volume of data, so the use of physical storage and management devices has become obsolete. Hard disks, RAID systems, NAS or SAN servers, IT environments where a local cloud can be created, but which are susceptible to a failure that can lead to the loss of information.
Cloud storage, on the other hand, allows for more extensive document management, in which employees do not need to be in front of their office computers: the cloud translates into 24/7 accessibility from anywhere in the world.

3 cloud business solutions Canada that your business needs NOW!

Cloud business management

Traditional business management requires personnel to be physically present in the office to control schedules, work times, follow up on work and many other tasks that, however, are not indispensable and can be optimized with the cloud solution.
These platforms allow employees to work remotely, or to perform field work and have the information they need to perform their tasks: quotations, order picking, point-of-sale management, merchandise deliveries, among others.

Cloud business solutions Canada: solution to the lack of mobility by COVID-19

This year has involved many changes for companies, and the limitation of mobility, healthy distance and social distancing put thousands of organizations around the world in check. But, thanks to cloud business solutions Canada companies could (and still can) operate remotely, without losing productivity or profitability for the company.
The cloud represents a paradigm shift for companies, especially because it offers greater scalability, i.e., it can grow according to the needs of the company without becoming obsolete, since updates are automatic and periodic.

Administración de la Relación con el Cliente (CRM)

El equipo de ventas de las empresas suele ser dinámico, poco centralizado y requiere visitar a sus clientes, por lo que se mueve contantemente para concretar nuevos proyectos y acuerdos. Para ello, la implementación de una solución CRM en la nube ayudará a conectar departamentos, colaboradores, socios, y todo lo relacionado con la cadena de suministro para cerrar contratos, pedidos, consultar disponibilidad de stock, estatus de entregas, entre otros procesos.

Administración de la Relación con el Cliente (CRM)

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Cloud business solutions Canada are a reality that has accelerated the digital transformation of companies, their growth and has allowed them to evolve to levels that were previously thought impossible. At Emerson Rush you will find the cloud solutions of the SAP Business One platform, contact us and let’s achieve success together.