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SAP Business Objects BI reporting and analysis solutions provide users with information for confident decision making on an integrated platform. At Emerson Rush we understand that there are many questions and challenges related to intelligence and analytics, especially when it comes to selecting the right tool for the job.

it’s faith in people

Several of the key questions include:

  • Who should the information be presented to?
  • Is the purpose of the report to allow data visualization for better decision making?
  • Does the user need to interact with the information and answer ad-hoc questions?
  • Does the business process require trending from complex historical data?
A critical element of business intelligence reporting that Emerson Rush leverages and that some adopters and integrators tend to monitor is the new order of importance acquired by specific reporting capabilities and solutions. Through recent advances in…

SAP Canada technology…

and innovation, business requirements for information, accessibility, and representation have evolved to keep pace with a changing marketplace.

Change in the relevance of reporting solutions to the company in the last two years.

We have a deep understanding of business requirements, cloud business solutions technology, and the latest trends in business intelligence to provide our clients with a complete view of their business as it happens.

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