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Emerson Rush brings deep experience and knowledge applied to Supply Chain Management for clients in a wide range of industries, including: Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Telecommunications, and Automotive.

Transforming business

Emerson Rush Supply Chain professionals possess detailed knowledge that provides our clients with enhanced collaboration, planning, execution and coordination throughout their entire value chain. Our clients have benefited from our experience in:

  • Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO)
  • Forecast and Replenishment (SAP F&R)
  • Event Management in the Supply Chain (SAP EM)
  • Supply Chain Collaboration (SAP SNC)
  • Enhanced Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO)

SAP APO offers a set of functions for the integrated planning and execution of processes in the supply chain management. This solution is comprised of Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Supply and Demand Coordination at various levels, Production Planning, Transportation Management, as well as Availability for Commitment as we do in Emerson.

Forecast and Replenishment (SAP F&R)

SAP F&R optimizes the processes of Logistics, Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization. By incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms, trend analysis and reference articles, as well as the incorporation of Demand Affecting Factors, SAP F&R dramatically improves behavioral forecasting and deferred distribution of merchandise through the value chain. .

Event Management in the Supply Chain (SAP EM)

SAP’s Event Management solution facilitates the planning, investigation and coordination of interactions within the organization and with suppliers, allowing the exchange of information through special systems and obtaining visibility on critical processes, the ones that are the most important for all companies strategies.

Supply Chain Collaboration (SAP SNC)

SAP SNC optimizes collaboration with suppliers and customers by offering the best and common platform for control and visibility of product replenishment processes, giving to your company all the data needed to function and optimize.

Enhanced Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

SAP EWM offers flexible and automated support to manage inventory movement and accommodation in a complex network of warehouses. The system also supports a scheduled and efficient processing of logistics processes within a warehouse.


Emerson Rush customers have improved their supply chain management through:

  • Cost control through integrated processes and visibility throughout the entire value chain.
  • Inventory reduction with improved purchasing and replenishment processes, as well as efficient inventory management.
  • Cost reduction by leveraging supply chain management that supports multi-channel services.
  • Greater profitability by improving customer service and better planning and forecasting, which ensure merchandise availability.
  • An efficient value chain, with advanced transport management, planning and logistics practices.
  • Improvements in warehouse management practices.
  • Highly efficient practices around demand planning and acquisitions.

At Emerson Rush, we believe in streamlined integration of leading-edge SAP solutions to make it easier to achieve our clients’ vision and business case.

Our experience and competence throughout different industries and business processes is a direct source of value for our clients, by representing composite solutions that are adjusted based on best practices to the requirements of your company.

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