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SAP training Canada

Is your company a victim of shoplifting? You could be losing hundreds of dollars without knowing it. The implementation and SAP training Canada will help you reduce shoplifting, reducing losses and protecting stock.

Shoplifting is one of the most difficult crimes to detect and eradicate, as most of the time, people who shoplift can pay for the merchandise, that is, some even have higher education, well-paid professions or, worse still, be the same employees of the establishment. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 businesses have been affected by shopliftng.

Another important piece of information is that those who are caught shoplifting have probably done so several times without being seen. In Canada, store security personnel will apprehend thieves and are likely to take them to store attorneys and police, with penalties starting at $ 2,000 CAD and 6 months in jail.

So how does SAP training Canada help stop shoplifting? 

Inventory control sap training Canada

The most vulnerable organizations to shoplifting are those that have merchandise in sight, as well as stock in warehouses, since it facilitates theft by customers and employees. The latter usually take a small amount of merchandise on several occasions, in order not to be discovered and with the idea that they will not be subject to serious reprisals for a missing object.

By having a management software, your business will save the manual counting of merchandise to know if there are losses. SAP Business One has a physical counting tool to compare the stock registered in the system with the quantity of physical product that is in the warehouse, so that it can be compared and verified if there have been unidentified losses of merchandise. 

SAP training Canada Control of inputs and outputs

Control of inputs and outputs

Knowing when it is necessary to order new raw material or merchandise, how many products enter the warehouse, locate them in each part of the process and enter the information to the inventory, sales and accounting departments allows more employees to track the status of the movements of the merchandise, from purchase orders, orders, available quantity of stock, among other data that allow a more precise monitoring of the materials. 

Many companies are not aware of shoplifting until the monthly, quarterly or semi-annual financial reports arrive … leaving a lot of time to take corrective or preventive action. With SAP Business One that is over: now you can manage your stock with serial numbers, batches, barcodes and more successfully implement electronic labels to identify waste quickly.
Employees who know that there are merchandise control strategies in their workplace are less prone to shoplifting, so implementing SAP is a step towards smarter management of your business. 

SAP training Canada Leak reports with SAP training Canada

At Emerson Rush we have the experts in SAP training Canada that your business needs. Give yourself the opportunity to improve the administration, inventory control and finances of your business and contact us today. We will gladly assist you.