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Pillars for a successful last mile distribution Canada

Much of the success of a company is related to a strong supply chain and adequate processes, starting with the acquisition of raw materials for the production of products, and ending with the delivery of the final product to the customer. For this, last mile distribution Canada is essential, and today we will tell you the pillars that support this process.  

Pillar 1. Digital technology

Most Canadian companies have a digital solution to respond to hyper-connected customers, who shop online and expect better service from their favorite brands in terms of product availability, time between order and delivery, packaging to make sure your merchandise arrives in perfect condition and the ability to make your opinion known through reviews, providing more confidence in brands.  

Pillar 1. Digital technology

Pillar 2. Trained staff

Having personnel trained in the different logistics areas is essential to guarantee a successful delivery and an optimized last mile distribution in Canada. By having a management software such as SAP Business One, employees will have greater clarity and speed in the processes, starting from the moment a customer places their order, to continue with the preparation, delivery scheduling, shipping and monitoring until that reaches the customer.

In addition, with SAP Canada the warehouse staff will be able to update in real time the products that are available for sale, and give notice in case they are out of stock so that the website, the counter staff and all those involved in the process.  

Technology is a means of optimizing the supply chain, but without the right processes, it cannot function alone. It is important to analyze the sum of several factors to determine processes that answer questions such as:
How long does it take to ship the products to customers?
Can I send products beyond my geographical area?
What is the cost of the shipments?
Which shipping company gives me the best price / delivery time ratio?
The correct answer must be oriented towards the satisfaction of the final customer, even when the cost is higher, since current customers are willing to pay for shipments with punctual delivery and to ensure that their merchandise will be in the best conditions. 

Pillar 4. Customer opinions

The best indicator of successful supply management is customer satisfaction, and we can now measure it more easily thanks to reviews, which also have a great influence on the purchase decision of people interested in the products, and can be disappointed of those who have negative comments, either for the quality of the merchandise or for the delivery. 

Pillar 4. Customer opinions

New technologies are changing the management of the supply chain, allowing both users and companies to track each order, as well as facilitating payments and online purchases. To get your business on the road to success, using the best management software is the most recommended and at Emerson Rush you will find the SAP Canada consultants you need to do it.  

Last mile distribution Canada, the future of the supply chain