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How to Optimize Supply Chain management Canada Using SAP Business One?

How to Optimize Supply Chain management Canada Using SAP Business One?

Companies have something in common: the search for customer
satisfaction. In these times of pandemic, home office confinement, more people seek to purchase products with home delivery service and, therefore, supply chain management Canada must overcome the greatest challenges in modern history, and organizations that have the technology indicated will be those that emerge triumphant from the crisis.

SAP Business One is a management software that will help you improve the supply chain Canada, providing transparency and efficiency in the distribution process to obtain customer satisfaction, in the following ways: 

Supply Chain management Canada
Inventory tracking

The inventory management module is the solution that companies need to manage stock movements to organize them into categories, know the details of storage, stocks, expiration dates, reservations, anticipate products that are about to run out, anticipate the acquisition of seasonal merchandise or respond financially to sales and customer demand.

In addition, SAP has the cycle inventory function for counting
products at scheduled intervals in order to better plan the supply and avoid discrepancies in the count and with the material requirements planning module to schedule the supplies to be purchased or be produced to know the availability of materials that are needed, reduce costs and make production more efficient. 

Supply Chain management Canada

Supply Chain management Canada
Real-time report generation

supply chain management Canada

During the management of the supply chain Canada, reports are usually required in real time to know the status of the inventory, tracking of the merchandise that is to be delivered, among other data that allow making more precise decisions and in an agile way.

Supply Chain management Canada
Control of suppliers

Suppliers are very important in the management of the Canadian supply chain, since the timely delivery to customers depends on them, as well as the manufacture of products of the quality and price that the company is accustomed to. For this reason, having control over the suppliers will improve the relationship with them, choosing those that offer punctual, efficient services and that allow the company to have the profitability it seeks. 

Supply Chain management Canada
Automation of manual processes

SAP has for supply chain management Canada

Digital transformation has allowed most manual processes to be eliminated, as they slow down distribution operations and hinder the flow of information in Canada’s supply chain. With the use of SAP Business One, routine functions can be automated: sales order scheduling, reports, payment to suppliers, among others, so that managers can dedicate themselves to their tasks efficiently and do not waste time with tasks already scheduled. 

Now that you know some of the features that SAP has for supply chain management Canada, come to Emerson Rush and discover how to implement it in your business to make it more efficient, productive and profitable. Contact us today for more information, we will gladly assist you.