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Innovations in Cloud Business Solutions for Human Resource Management

Cloud Business Solutions

 In Canada and the rest of the world, Cloud Business Solutions have become the main driver of digital transformation for all types of companies. More and more industries are turning their gaze to cloud solutions to increase the efficiency of their operations, meet the demands of their customers, become more competitive in a changing market and have a more efficient management of their employees.

To improve human capital management, SAP for human resources, one of the most extensive modules, will help you integrate the information and processes of all company departments and their collaborators to manage the most valuable asset: collaborators.

The Human Resources department cannot continue to carry out outdated practices that cause errors in the selection and recruitment of personnel, but also in human capital management, payroll, tax calculation, among other tasks that influence job satisfaction. , but also in the profitability of the company.
Cloud Business Solutions have evolved to provide value to the Human Resources area, which entails managing a large volume of information that can be used to automate activities and processes such as payroll, streamline workflow, make transparent the access to information for decision-making and management focused on the talent of employees and the results that their work brings to the company. 

The SAP for human resources module allows:

* Manage staff. It is a sub-module to monitor the master data of employees, knowing their jobs, functions, salary, productivity bonuses, seniority, social security number, among other important data.
* Time evaluation. Indispensable for controlling staff entry and exit, delays, attendance or absenteeism reports, shift planning, incentive management and pay calculation (in the case of employees who earn by the hour or by the day).
* Payroll management. Automation of employee pay, taking into account their days off, vacations, seniority and taxes, minimizing the risk of making mistakes such as delays.
* Personal Development. Its purpose is to support human talent, analyzing the qualities and tasks of each employee, their possible career plans and opportunities to obtain promotions. 

Cloud Business Solutions

Cloud Business Solutions | Other functions of this module are:

SAP for human resources

travel management to calculate per diem, recruitment and selection of personnel, hygiene and safety in the work environment. For proper management, SAP for human resources must be integrated with information from other modules and departments such as Finance, Inventory Management, Sales, Accounts Receivable to meet payroll payments, periodic expense reports, and productivity bonuses. 
Home Office and Cloud Business Solutions
This year 2020 has been characterized by the changes that companies have had to make to maintain their operations, reducing urban mobility through the Home Office.
Cloud Business Solutions have allowed administrative departments to stay at home without neglecting their work, since the technology in the computer cloud has access to information in real time, from any device, without having to go to the office, or use special computer equipment.
Since the scenario regarding confinement is still uncertain, companies are beginning to opt for virtual solutions for human capital management, from videoconferences, through attendance control systems and working hours counting, to cloud solutions to continue working from home.
In a very short time, those companies that still did not know the advantages of this type of work have been able to verify its effectiveness and open their doors to collaborators who work remotely and who contribute valuable work to the company. For this reason, the Home Office is expected to continue being a trend, since it has been shown that quality of life, job satisfaction and salary management have been more effective for employees. 

If you still don’t know the benefits of cloud solutions for your business, come to us. At Emerson Rush we have specialists in SAP for human resources that will help you improve the management of human talent so that your business is more competitive in the market, taking advantage of the modules that the best management software has for you: SAP Business One.
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