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Stages of implementation in SAP training Canada

Acquiring an ERP system for the optimization of businesses and their different departments is an investment that ensures great profitability in the medium term. Technological solutions make it possible to optimize inter-company processes to centralize information and make better decisions.

To obtain the best benefits, having an expert in SAP training Canada, who helps your staff in the stages of the ERP implementation, is a priority. Below we will tell you what the stages consist of and the role that Emerson Rush consultants play.  

Project planning,

going into Sap training Canada

In this first stage, it is necessary to have a program management Canada that carries out the detailed planning of the project, in which it will work closely with the personnel and work teams of the different departments. 

Initially, the program manager will have to know the functions and processes carried out by each person or team involved, to later prepare the formats and master data to be entered into the system.  

Analysis of work areas and processes

This stage has the objective of analyzing the needs of the work teams to integrate them with the ERP functionalities, in order to configure the system based on the processes and procedures already established, but with a view to optimizing it to obtain greater ease of access , reduce response times and centralize information.

The tasks of the SAP training Canada expert are:

  • Analyze the scope of the project, defining the objectives to be achieved and the means to do so.
  • Prepare flow diagrams of the processes carried out in each operational area.
  • Establish communication channels and integration of work departments.

Project interface design

This stage is crucial for the success of the SAP implementation, since the system is configured based on the processes that were defined in the previous stages, therefore it is essential that the team maintains constant collaboration with the expert in SAP training Canada and ask your questions as soon as they are presented, since the design will be made to optimize your work.

Project testing

Before releasing the final project design, it is necessary to verify that the planning really covers the needs of the personnel and that the processes will be easier to carry out. For this, tests must be carried out with simulated operations and situations, in which the problems that are experienced on a day-to-day basis in the different departments are recreated.

At this stage it is still possible to modify the configuration, detect areas of opportunity and find solutions to optimize the work processes, so the staff must actively participate in the review of each process, as well as in the functionality of the system, the exchange of information, access to data and remote connection.

It is the job of Program Manager Canada to ensure that this stage is successful and can move on to the next.  

Training for system use

Once the testing has been completed and the project designed, the staff will work directly with the specialist in SAP training Canada to be trained and used according to their roles in the company. Although they had already had contact with the solution in previous stages, in this they will begin to work with the new system, so they will prepare to master it perfectly.

Once the training is complete and the tool is integrated, the Emerson Rush SAP consultant will leave the company to let your team walk alone. However, whenever they need support, they will receive advice to continue learning about the solution that the client has implemented. 

Project release

Releasing the project is when the staff will use it without the support of the consultant, this stage occurs after the processes have been accepted and the solutions integrated. In most companies, when the project is released, the first results are already reflected in terms of efficiency, transparency and information management, since the staff has worked, known and improved it with their own experience and knowledge.

Implementing a system, such as SAP Business One, brings challenges in your company, especially for staff in the early stages of learning, since it is a process that requires time, effort and participation of the entire team so that you can really take advantage of the solutions and benefits of ERP. 

With the help of Emerson Rush, specialists in SAP training Canada with great experience, your business will grow exponentially and you will be able to implement the program successfully. Contact us today for more information, we will gladly assist you.