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We believe in lessons learned
And we have proven that the incorporation of
experience is the best strategy to accelerate effective results and quality, and to minimize risk.

It’s all about the right people.

Cloud Business Solutions

Emerson Rush’s signature Delivery Model, a Trusted Advisor team and Cloud business solutions represents the means for our clients to incorporate proven experience and expertise into their programs, leveraging lessons learned and avoiding the re-discovery of challenges and their solutions. Upon incorporation into strategic positions within our customer, and side by side with third-party systems integrators, this team of highly qualified experts with a proven track record on similar projects provides insight and validation of strategies, approach and scope, guarding after our customers’ interests and investment.

The Trusted Advisor team is a source of experience and value in the following areas:

Business / SME                 SteerCo            Systems integrator

SAP Business SME
  • Proven Experience
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Requirements Expertise
  • Knowledge Transfer

Cloud Business Solutions

  • Proven PMO and Government Methodology
  • Industry Expertise
  • Business Transformation Plan
  • Roll-out Roadmap
  • Validation of Strategy, Budget and Proposals
SAP SterCo
SAP systems integrator
  • Know-how generation
  • Functional and Technical Delivery
  • SAP Best-Practices
  • Validation of Scope, Technology and SI Resources

We hold a track record of successful business transformations, with a deep experience in Global Program Management and providing Cloud business solutions. Through a firm grasp on the challenges and strategies lining the path to a successful business case, the Trusted Advisor model truly represents for our customers the benefits dictated by our values.

Business Case Oriented, Value Creation Driven.

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